Editing is the only process. The shooting is the pleasant work. The editing makes the movie, so I spend all my life in editing.
— Garry Marshall
Photo ©2009 Damon McLay

Photo ©2009 Damon McLay


There is an old Hollywood axiom that goes “every film is made three times: once on the page, once in production, and a third time in the cutting room.“

Me, I like being involved in all three steps.

  • The page, because there you lay out the blueprint.
  • The production, because there you cut all the lumber and build the pieces.
  • The cutting room, because there is where the real magic happens, where you shape and sculpt and sometimes even manufacture moments that, technically, never happened on camera.

I fell in in love with the idea of making movies after reading the book "The Making of Star Trek" in Jr. High, and movies like Star Wars and Breaking Glass only made it worse.

Interested in animation, I bought my first computer specifically to do that, but that led me on a detour into videogame development that led into New Media and new avenues for expression.

I've since gone back to my first love, and have spent the past seven years working in film and digital video in various ends of production: writing, producing, directing...  heck, even casting, script supervising and production coordination.  But it's the editing that really taught me how to be better at those jobs because when you're in the editing bay with the footage you become keenly aware of what you need to make a film or video work. You understand what coverage you need, what B-roll, what options make the best work possible. With that experience you can help make sure others provide everything that's required to make the project come together.

And when you don't have all the right stuff, well, you roll up your sleeves and use every tool at your disposal and all your skills to make silk purses out of sows' ears. 

That's the fun of it.