Editor / Filmmaker Experience Details


  • Assembly edits, rough cuts and fine cuts for featurettes, industrials, short subjects, promos and music videos
  • Practical application of editorial rules including directional continuity, eyelines, match- and cross-cutting, cutting on action, and progressive/regressive and contrasting or repetitive shots in sequences
  • Create animatics and placeholder shots; motion graphics
  • Temp audio mixes; temp SFX and music
  • Log media; import and export footage; sync second sound
  • Created and maintain spreadsheets and docs for shots through production pipeline


  • As Producer have managed teams and projects for both film and interactive products; have managed and scheduled shoots and post-production
  • As Director have directed live action shoots; also directed professional voice talent, including Billy West, Jim Cummings and Janet Waldo
  • Basic cinematography knowledge
  • Execute storyboards to clearly communicate concepts
  • Experience shooting with DV cameras and DSLRs
  • Experience on crews doing everything from Script Supervisor to 1st A.D.
  • Facilitate scheduling via reformatting nonstandard scripts to industry standards and exporting relevant information to generate breakdowns of locations, actors, makeups, costumes, props, VFX, titles, etc., in scheduling software like Gorilla or Chimpanzee


  • Feature film screenplay; TV pilots; short subjects; narration; scripted dialog and interactive narratives for games
  • 90 professional magazine publishing credits
  • Excellent written communication skills


  • Participated in five 48 Hour Film Project contests to practice how to plan, execute and deliver projects in very short timelines