Gaming Experience Details


  • 10 years producing with involvement in over 70 published products
  • Experience working with licenses and licensors for brands such as BejeweledStar Trek, TetrisSceneIt?Mickey Mouse, and Popeye
  • At Namco: 
    • Built and managed a Product Development department from a staff of 1 to 60+
    • Production, Planning, Product Design, Creative Direction and Client Relations
    • Responsible for brand compliance for all classic titles for mobile, including PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga, and Dig Dug
    • Established developer relations with Apple for iPod and iOS
    • Headed development of SceneIt Movies, the first mobile game incorporating streaming video content
    • Successful execution and delivery of products with small teams on tight schedules
    • Responsible for P.D. budgets in excess of $4 million
    • Managed the team developing Pool Pro Online, a social pool simulation which paired players over mobile phone networks and provided chat, rankings, and, eventually, in-game economy
    • Developed annual roadmaps and product strategy
  •  Extensive experience in the creation and direction of proposals, pitches, and design documentation
  • Work with the creative and engineering teams throughout the development and lifecycle of a game
  • Lead the development of new games and game interfaces from prototyping to implementation
  • 8 years experience with both Smartphones and mobile: from Nokia to iOS and Android


  • Created game concepts, both original and from licensed I.P.
  • Wrote pitch documents and created visual mockups of gameplay and U.I.s
  • Authored and maintained GDDs
  • Wrote scripts for game interactivity and character dialog
  • Designed first WWE Mobile Madness game for THQ in 2002
  • Designed a "Motivation Based" weighting system for game branching to replace simple key-in-lock branches
  • Designed and built game levels for mobile titles 
    • Designed all maps for Water Rapids game for Nokia
    • Designed all animations for Virtual Me game for Nokia
    • Designed over 100 mazes for PAC-MAN +Tournaments (Android) and PAC-MAN iOS


  • Superlative communication skills, including:
    • Professional writing background
    • Art and animation background facilitating clear communication of concepts through sketches, storyboards and animatics