The absence of limitations is the enemy of art.
— Orson Welles

Freelance Editor / Filmmaker

July 2009 – Present, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Since 2009 I have focused on film/video, working in various aspects of preproduction, production and post, with emphasis on Editing and Directing. I’ve leveraged my years of Producer experience to develop methodologies for getting projects completed quickly and efficiently, and apply my Writing and Interactive Gaming experience in visual storytelling to editorial and shooting. 

In this field I’ve had the pleasure of working on indie features, music videos, web ad spots and short industrials, and indie featurettes, . I was also hired to rewrite the screenplay for an $18 mil feature film scheduled for 2018. 

BRIDGES: Lavender Pen Tourintermission video for live showS.F. Gay Men's Chorus
Things You Shouldn't Sayconcert film DVDKinsey Sicks LLC
Don't Be Happy, Worrymusic videoKinsey Sicks LLC
Polaris: Phaidrosindie featureUnited Worlds Ent.
Polaris Trailer promoUnited Worlds Ent.
The Tressaurian Intersection, Act 4featuretteExeter Studio
Cocktails and Chaos (Pilot)title sequenceD Street Media Group
Why the F@#k Aren’t We Famousmusic videoKinsey Sicks LLC
Stagecoach in the Sky, Dir. Cutshort subjectself
Hoops Madness HDpromo spot2n Productions
The Limbo Setshort subjectself
Black & White Bluesshort subjectself
Electile Dysfunctionintro video for live show Kinsey Sicks LLC
Things You Shouldn’t Saymusic videoKinsey Sicks LLC              
Stagecoach in the Skyshort subjectself
Twisted Xmas Parodiesmusic videoKinsey Sicks LLC
Wave & WiggleIndustrial/pitchMatt Levine
Touch'a Touch Me TSA Securitymusic videoKinsey Sicks LLC
Bedroom Antsmusic videoKinsey Sicks LLC
How the Bunny Got the Bearshort subjectself
The Blue Mauritius (2020)feature filmD Street Media
Looking for Elvis (2020)TV movieD Street Media
One-Up (2020)TV pilotD Street Media
Legends Reborn (2018)mobile gameBandai Namco Entertainment
Scoring Position (2015)bid/promo filmRiverscape Pictures
Secret Identity Crisis (2007)short subjectRiverscape Pictures
Ecco the Dolphin: D.O.T. F. (2000)videogame (Dreamcast)Appaloosa/Sega Europe
The Wacky Races (1999)videogame (PS1)Appaloosa/Infogrammes
Drakan: Order of the Flame (1998)computer gamePsygnosis/Surreal
Star Trek: DS9, Crossroads of Time (1995)videogame (Genesis)Appaloosa/Sega

Director of Product Development

Namco Networks America Inc., San Jose, CA 2004–2009

Namco creates games for everything from arcade cabinets to mobile phones and is best known for classic games like PAC-MAN and Galaga and modern ones like Tekken.

There I was built the mobile production department from the ground up, both producing titles and hiring staff to manage a growing product line. I was responsible for working with Apple during the transition from feature phones to iPod/iOS/Smartphone gaming.

Producer + Chief Creative

Nuvo Studios, Inc., San Francisco 2000–2004

Nuvo Studios was a pioneer in mobile gaming, notable for having produced the first ports of games like Tetris and Bejeweled to mobile handsets.

 There I worked closely with clients, engineers and artists to figure out how to produce games on short schedules and small budgets on extremely limited devices. Some of the clients I was privileged to work with included Jamdat, Sony Pictures, Disney, PopCap, THQ and Nokia. 

PAC-MAN +TournamentsAndroidBandai Namco
Tamagotchi Round the WorldiOSBandai Namco
PAC-MAN & Ms. PAC-MANiPod/mobile/SmartphoneNamco
Popeye mobileNamco/Hearst Corp.
SceneIt Movies mobileNamco/Screen Life LLC
Bejeweled (aka Diamond Mine)mobileNuvo/Jamdat
Steamboat Willie’s River RescuemobileNuvo/Disney
Spider-Man, The MoviemobileNuvo/Sony Pictures
WWE Mobile MadnessmobileNuvo/THQ



  • Lasergraphics Scanstation

  • Final Cut Studio

  • Photoshop

  • Final Draft 10

  • Gorilla Scheduler

  • Pen/Pencil/Whiteboard

  • MS Office

  • Google Docs

  • Visio

  • Trello/Slack

  • Working Brain

  • Gaffer Tape & Zip Ties


  • Visual storytelling

  • Narrative

  • Writing dialog

  • Thinks in FPS

  • Animation & Motion

  • Drawing

  • Project Management

  • Basic Cinematography

  • Coaxing / Persuasion

  • Peacemaking


Teams I've Worked With