Sometimes you live when you should have died and so the game feels inherently fair because it’s not always relentlessly after you.
— Toru Iwatani, creator of PAC-MAN, in a conversation with me

I worked in video and computer game development on and off for over 20 years, and was involved in over 100 shipped titles and a few more that never quite made it out the door.

Complete Game Development Credits

Published 1988–2013, 2018

GamePlatforms         Publisher             Role        Year
Legends RebornAndroid/iOSBNGIWriter2018
PAC-MAN + TournamentsAndroid/iOSBNGIProd/Design2013
Tamagotchi Round the WorldiPodNNAIProd.2008
Pole Position RemixiPodNNAIExec. Prod.2008
Ms. PAC-MANiPodNNAIExec. Prod.2007
PAC-MANiPodNNAIExec. Prod.2007
PopeyemobileNNAIExec. Prod.2007
PAC-MAN PlusmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2007
SceneIt MoviesmobileNNAIExec. Prod./Design2007
GalaxiansmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod.2007
MappysmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod.2007
Super PAC-MANsmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod./Design2007
Dig DugsmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod.2007
GalagasmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod.2007
Ms. PAC-MANsmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod.2007
PAC-MANsmartphoneNNAIExec. Prod.2007
Mr. Do!mobileNNAIArt consultant2007
Mr. Do's CastlemobileNNAIArt consultant2007
PopeyemobileNNAIExec. Prod./Design2007
PAC-MAN PlusmobileNNAIExec. Prod./Design2007
Time Crisis Mobile (3D)mobileNNAIExec. Prod.2006
New Rally-XmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2006
Super PAC-MANmobileNNAIExec. Prod./Design2006
Xevious MinimobileNNAIExec. Prod.2006
XeviousmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2006
GalagamobileNNAIExec. Prod.2006
Pole Position IImobileNNAIExec. Prod.2006
PAC-MANIAmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2005
PAC-MAN's Arcade CornermobileNNAIExec. Prod./Design2005
Mr. DrillermobileNNAIExec. Prod.2005
PAC-MANmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Ms. PAC-MANmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Dig DugmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Ms. PAC-MAN for PrizesmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Pool Pro OnlinemobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Galaxian MinimobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Gimme FivemobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Stack'UmmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Mouse PuzzlemobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
PAC-MAN PuzzlemobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
PAC-MatchmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
PAC-MAN PinballmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
PAC-MAN BowlingmobileNNAIExec. Prod.2004
Nokia GolfmobileNokiaProd.2004
Space InvadersmobileTaitoProd.2004
Jamdat SolitairemobileJamdatProd./Design2003
Steamboat Willie’s Riverboat RescuemobileDisneyProd./Design2003
Spider-Man, The MoviemobileSony PicturesProd./Design2003
Stuart Little’s Little LabyrinthsmobileSony PicturesProd./Design2003
Water RapidsmobileNokiaProd.2003
Virtual MemobileNokiaProd.2003
King ofFightersmobileDigital BridgesProd.2003
Samurai ShodownmobileDigital BridgesProd.2003
Hit the ProsmobileTHQProd.2003
Magic 8-BallmobileMattelProd.2003
Magic Date-BallmobileMattelProd.2003
eXtremely Goofy SkatingmobileDisneyArt2003
WWE Mobile MadnessmobileTHQProd./Design2002
S1m0ne (The Movie)PDANewLine CinemaProd./Design2002
Suzuki Motocross ChallengemobileThumbworksProd.2002
Mummy MazemobileJamdatProd.2002
Diamond MinemobileJamdatProd.2002
Etch A SketchmobileThumbworksProd.2002
Robotron 2084PDAMidway/IoBoxProd.2002
Marble MadnessPDAMidway/IoBoxProd.2002
Speed BlackjackmobileNuvoStudiosProd.2002
Brain CheckmobileNuvoStudiosProd.2002
Link 'EmmobileNuvoStudiosProd.2002
Tic Tac ToemobileNuvoStudiosProd.2002
Speed BlackJackmobileNuvo/VerizonProd./Design2001
EXPN Half PipemobileESPN/DisneyProd.2001
EXPN SnowboardingmobileESPN/DisneyProd.2001
Monopoly Casino (4 games)WebGames.comProd./Design2001
Go With the FlowWebGames.comProd./Design2001
Baywatch Beachball BlastWebBaywatch.comProd.2000
The Price is RightWebPearson TVProd.2000
Was bin Ich? (What’s My Line?)WebPearson TVProd.2000
The Wacky RacesPS1InfogramesWriter2000
Ecco the Dolphin, Defender of the FutureDreamcast/PS2Sega EuropeDesigner/Writer2000
DrakkanPCPsygnosisAssoc. Prod./Writer1998
Metal FatiguePCPsygnosisAssoc. Prod.1998
Historical HangmanPC(lost info)Artist1995
Star Trek Deep Space NineSega GenesisPlaymates Int.Designer1995
The Jungle Book, Story PaintingPCEA KidsDesigner/Writer1995
Peter Pan, Story PaintingPCEA KidsDesigner/Writer1994
Rules of Engagement 2PC & AmigaOmnitrendArt/Design1993
Rules of EngagementPC & AmigaOmnitrendArt/Design1991
Universe 3PC, Amiga, STOmnitrendArtist1990
Beach 2PC, Amiga, STOmnitrendArtist1990
PaladinPC, Amiga, STOmnitrendArtist1989
AD&D Pool of RadienceC64SSIArtist1988

Some Games Cancelled In Development

GamePlatforms         Developed for             Role        Year
Dragon TrainerAmazon FireAmazonProducer2002
Spider-Man: The MoviemobileSonyDesign/Art2002
Real WarPCPsygnosisLead Designer1998
Mutant Chronicles: The MortificatorPCPlaymates Int'lLevel Design1995
BreachSega GenesisAmerican SammyDesign/Storyboards1990


Director of Product Development

Namco Networks America Inc., San Jose, CA 2004–2009

(also 2012-2013 as a Producer for Bandai Namco)

Namco creates games for everything from arcade cabinets to mobile phones and is best known for classic games like PAC-MAN and Galaga and modern ones like Tekken.

There I built the mobile production department from the ground up, both producing titles and hiring staff to manage a growing product line. I was responsible for working with Apple during the transition from feature phones to iPod/iOS/Smartphone gaming, and responsible for an annual budget which began at US$4mil and went up annually.

Producer + Chief Creative

Nuvo Studios, Inc., San Francisco 2000–2004

Nuvo Studios was a pioneer in mobile gaming, notable for having produced the first ports of games like Tetris and Bejeweled to mobile handsets.

There I worked closely with clients, engineers and artists to figure out how to produce games on short schedules and small budgets on extremely limited devices. Some of the clients I was privileged to work with included Jamdat, Sony Pictures, Disney, PopCap, THQ and Nokia. 

Some Teams I've Worked With

Some Screenshots